Guest Exhibition in Bytów

The Ortenburg castle is about 540 km distant from the Muzeum Zachodniokaszubskie [Western Kashubian Museum] in Bytów. June the 13nth 2017 the guest-exhibition „Serbja. Mały lud. Bohata kultura. – The Sorbs. Small nation. Rich culture.“ heads for this destination. Two years ago from october 2014 until february 2015 an exhibition about the kashubian culture by the title „Kašubojo. Ludowa skupina w Pólskej. Něhdy a dźensa – Kashubians. An ehtnic group in Poland. Now and then.“ was displayed in the Sorbian Museum in Bautzen. In return it is our turn to open an exhibition about the sorbian culture in northern Poland. In Addition to the first mentioned exhibition the photographic exhibition by Matthias Bulang „Prjedy hač woteńdźeš – Before you leave“ will be shown. It consists of portrayals of women from the last decades, who still wore the traditional costumes on a daily basis.

The exhibition lasts until october the 15nth 2017.