Small folk. Abundant culture.

Impressive history and lively present with colourful, abundant culture and wonderful customs – that’s what Sorbs are known for. Get to know this folk with their plenty traditions – right here at Sorbisches Museum Bautzen. Fascinating exhibitions for the whole family will give you an understanding of trade and traditional costumes, music and religious faith as well as settlement history and contemporary art of the Sorbian folk.

„Witajće wutrobnje“ – Welcome to the world of the Sorbs.


Programme overview

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Workshops about waxing and embossing, from 1 to 5 pm.

24.3.19 (Sun)

30.3.19 (Sat) – 31.3.19 (Sun)

06.4.19 (Sat) – 07.4.19 (Sun)       

13.4.19 (Sat) – 14.4.19 (Sun)       

Costs: adult 6,00 €, children 3,50 € Every participant gets one egg for decorating. Every other egg costs 0,50 €.


Workshops about scratching, 27.4.19, from 10 am to 5 pm.

Costs: 10,00 € per person, The aim of this project is to revive the historical patterns because this technique turns 300 years old this year. It is supported by Förderkreis für sorbische Volkskultur e.V. Please book in advance. contact:; 03591/550 108,; 03591 270 8700

Easter weekend

“Schauwerkstatt” (“The Making of”) and selling of Sorbian Easter eggs, 19.4. – 22.4.2019

Folk-artists show the variety of decorating Easter eggs from Good Friday until Easter Monday in the Sorbian Museum. You can buy their creations, varying from embossing, waxing, and scratching to etching.


Holy Saturday, 20.4.2019, 3 pm cultural program in the historical festival room

It is a long-standing tradition in the Sorbian museum that you can enjoy dance and listening to music at the weekend before Easter. Finally it is spring. The event will be performed by „Sorbische Tanz- und Trachtengruppe Bröthen e.V.“.