Holiday programmes in autumn 2019


Do you like fancy fashion? Do you know the Sorbian people and their traditional costumes? Join us, to see, how young students and experienced fashion designers created cool new Sorbian clothes in a modern way. We can do this ourselves! Let us develop patterns and accessories. (material costs: 2€)

Dates: 15 October and 24 October 2019 from 10 until 12 o’clock

20190822 14-48

“Golden autumn”

All you need is some paint and leaves. We make creative collages or build our own wind chime. Would you like to paint, to stamp or to construct? Autumn brings many colours into our lives. If it’s possible, please, bring some leaves with you. (material costs: 2€)

Dates: 17 October and 22 October 2019, 10:00 – 11:30 am


Please call in advance: 0351/270 870 11.