Programmes for the summer holidays and general summer time!

Next weeks official start of these years summer holidays in the Free State of Saxony gets closer by the day. If you are searching for a destination or a programme, especially in the second half oft he holidays, maybe you could take part in our  textile-workshop „New patterns on old clothing“. There are two fix appointements on July the 16nth as well as july the 27nth, but further appointements can be made. Also our other educational offers are furthermore bookable.

Further Outlook:

In the late summer, at the last day of august – a whole evening programme is planned about the subject of our recent exhibition about the patterns and symbols in the wendish folkloristic art („Pruhi, kruhi, třiróžki). At 6. p.m. a guided tour through the exhibition takes place and at 7 p.m. a discussion by the title „Wendish/Sorbian fokloristic art in the 21 century?“ will be held with the participation of folkloristic artists of the different branches of folk-art.


The next date for our regular Coffee at three o’clock is september the 7nth at, well 3 p.m. The subject will be presented by our restorer. It is an historical subject and it is something you might not expect in our museum. That much can be said.