All is landscape. The Sorbian painter Jan Buck

2 Oct 2022 – 26 Feb 2023

“For me, art is the inner spiritual examination of reality.” (Jan Buck 1922 – 2019)

On occasion of the 100th birthday of the famous Sorbian painter Jan Buck, the Sorbian museum and its project partners dedicate a special exhibition to him. It is accompanied by a very detailed monograph. Both, the exhibition and the publication, give a broad insight into the painter’s life and work.

Jan Buck experienced that the present can´t be depicted with methods of the past, but needs a new, modern use of forms and intellectual examination. But until then, Sorbian visual arts were trapped in a rather restricted, folkloristically exaggerated and provincially limited radius. That is, why he called for a spiritual opening of the Sorbian art many a time during his life. By this means, the Sorbian art would find a connection to the modern age. He managed to achieve this by his paintings.