The structural engineer Eberhard Deutschmann

Between Lusatian timber construction and industrialized construction

26 May 2024 – 27 October 2024

The german-Sorbian structural engineer Eberhard Deutschmann (1926 – 2005) is one of the most important representatives of industrialized construction and engineering in the GDR and internationally. Not only was he a structural engineer, but also a university professor, construction researcher and monument conservator.

The exhibition is the first of it´s kind and shows Deutschmann´s projects in six stations. The first station is about Deutschmann´s early life, career and family. The second and third stations are about his early works and researches in the sorbian environment. The fourth and fifth chapters cover his work as a structural engineer in industrialized construction. The final station focuses on Deutschmann´s late work as a monumental conservator.

At the same time the exhibition honours the 20th anniversary of his death and his 100th birthday. The exhibition is in Sorbian and german.