22 September 2019 – 1 March 2020

What does Sorbian fashion look like?

This special exhibition presents the newest fashion created by experienced designers, the winners of the contest SORBIAN STREET STYLE and last, but not least, our youngest ones, the students of the Sorbian high schools. All trendy clothes, whole fashion collections and many other objects like for example accessories were inspired by elements of traditional Sorbian costumes and Lusatian folk art.

SORBIAN STREET STYLE stands up for tradition and innovation of a young, dynamic, confident, Lusatian-Sorbian identity.

The contest as well as the exhibition have been a cooperation project between the Sorbian museum, Volksbank Dresden-Bautzen eG and KREATIVES SACHSEN, the Saxon centre for cultural industries.

In addition to the special exhibition, an exhibition catalogue will be published in style of a fashion journal.

During exhibition period, a variety of events will take place such as workshops, talks, exhibition tours, movie night, holiday programmes and a family afternoon. Life is about fashion – fashion is about life?!?