5x Germany all over the world

17 Oct 2021 – 24 Apr 2022

If we talk about migration, we all think of migration by other people, foreign people who have come to your country and live here now, but there is also the migration of ourselves. There have been several Germans in history, who left Germany, who emigrated involuntary because of such reasons as poverty, suffering hunger, prosecution, war, disaster, finding a job or voluntary because they felt such a deep love of adventure or were simply looking for a better life.

The travelling exhibition “5x Deutschland in aller Welt” (5x Germany all over the world) shows us this way, how the descendants of German emigrants, living on five continents, do live and work now. The photographer Jörg Müller from Hamburg travelled some time, and took photos of these people. He wanted to know more about their lives and to get an understanding in general. The Goethe Institut e.V. is welcoming you, to join this exhibition for changing your perspective and becoming aware, understanding, tolerating for migration and diversity.