Mysterious ancestors. The life of the Lusizer and Milzener.

4.11.2018 – 3.3.2019


The exhibition sends the visitor on a quest for the Slavic tribes of the Lusizer and Milzener, those settled in the Lusatia since the 7th century AD.

In collaboration with the Förderverein Heimatmuseum Dissen and the AG “Stary Lud”, these two Slavic tribes have become alive again in the Sorbian Museum. Explore this special exhibition from the 4th of November 2018 until the 3rd of March 2019.

Enjoy seeing more than 400 original artifacts, reconstructions and different scenes of life more than 1000 years ago. Including also a documentary film, replicas and photos which were taken in Dissen, a place, where a Slavic village has been reconstructed.