Sorbian Easter

24.3.2019 – 5.5.2019

The Sorbian Lusatia is well-known for their traditions at Easter time.

The new special exhibition presents a range of easter customs; those are celebrated from Maundy Thursday until Easter Sunday. Whether men, women or children, all people have their “job” during this special time. Rattling, Easter water and Easter riders are just some examples at this point. Families are welcome to find out what Easter feels like.

The decorated Easter eggs are especially famous at this time of the year. Come and see also the winners of the competition for the most beautiful Sorbian Easter egg.



Would you like to do waxing, scratching or embossing? You can come and learn during a workshop how to decorate an original Sorbian Easter egg. If you don’t have enough time for learning one of these techniques, don’t worry, there is also the possibility to watch the experienced folk-artists in action. A cultural program takes traditionally place in the historical festival room at 3 o’clock in the afternoon at Holy Saturday. Further you can book guided tours for the special exhibition.