„Čej´ da sy? Roots in change”

14 May 2023 – 24 October 2023

The life of the catholic Sorbs is based on their native language, their christian faith and their traditions. „Čej´ da sy?”, which roughly translates to „Who do you belong to?”, is the question people ask, when a stranger rings the door bell, because usually people know each other. But the world doesn´t stand still in the triangle between Bautzen, Kamenz and Hoyerswerda. Just like the Klosterwasser, the little stream that runs trough the fertile land around the monestary of St. Marienstern.

In our modern world things are more individual and pluralistic than they were a hundred years ago. The older generation starts to question old habits. As does the younger generation, who is discovering the world. But are their roots strong enough, so that they will return eventually? Maybe you will find the answer if you take a look through the colourful prism of “Čej´ da sy? – Roots in change”.