Easter with the Sorbs – program

17.03. – 05.05.2024: Easter with the Sorbs. Kóstku dać

The Sorbs in Lusatia have a huge variety of easter traditions. Old and new ways of celebrating Easter are presented in our new special exhibition “Easter with the Sorbs”.

This years exhibition focuses on a very important piece of equipment for sorbian Easter riders, the harnesses for their horses. There exists a variety of different designs, but the most valued are harnesses decorated with cowrie shells. We invited sorbian artist Karoline Schneider, who is presenting the results of her research regarding those shells as well as her art around her findings under the title “Kóstku dać”.

Visitors can also admire the winning eggs from the competition around the most beautiful sorbian easter egg of 2024. And last but not least we have special fun activities for families and children, as they can experience the sorbian easter traditions with all senses.

29.03. – 01.04.2024: Demonstration workshop

Starting on Good Friday until Easter Monday, from 10 a.m. until 6 p.m., folk artists are going to demonstrate the four different ways of decorating sorbian Easter eggs. Apart from watching sorbian Easter eggs being decorated, visitors can also purchase those.

30.03.2024: Easter program

An Easter program with dance and music will be shown on Saturday, 30th March, at 15 o´clock. The Sorbian folk dance Group Schmerlitz are going to present traditional dances to show visitors the beauty of sorbian folklore.


The Sorbian Museum will be open on Easter Monday from 10 o´clock until 18 o´clock as well.