Programme offers for summer holidays from June the 26th until August the 4th 2017

This year the Serbski muzej – Sorbian museum offers four different programmes during the summer holidays. Children are cordially invited to take participate in an guided tour through the old town or to take part in a creative workshop, in which one you can handicraft your holiday souvenir. A further programme by the title „Wers glaubt wird selig“ [ Who believes it, will be saved. Actually widely used in the meaning – A likely story…] takes yout through our current special exhibition about the reformational movement among Sorbs. It deals with idiomatic expressions from the lutheranian Bible and where to find them in are allday language. The participants can arrange and desing one formulation and try out our new cardboard game.

For our very young participants we also provide a storytime hour, with coustumes.

Programme leaflet: -> link

1. “Wer’s glaubt wird selig”

Where can you find formulations from the Bible? Within the current reformational exhibition children get to know the language oft he Bible and desing an expression of their own choice. Meanwhile you can participate in the new cardboardgame.

duration: ca. 1,5 h                                 material fee: 1€

appointments: 29.06.2017, 14.07.2017, 27.07.2017, at the time  10 a.m.

  1. Eine abenteuerliche Stadtführung – an adventurous guided tour

 Seeking traces in Bautzen – get to know the city anew! With a treasure map you have to find new ways, solve quests and answer questions.

Who can find the hidden treasure?

duration: ca. 1,5 h                                 at the time 10 a.m.

appointments: 06.07.2017, 25.07.2017, 02.08.2017

  1. Eine besondere Märchenstunde – a special story time hour

 We do not just want to listen to some sorbian/wendish fairytales and stories, but also arrange those and interact in them! All children are invited to bring a costume! Off we go to the land of stories and tales!

duration: ca. 1 h                                   appointments: 27.06.2017, 12.07.2017, 19.07.2017

In sorbian language: 9.45 a.m.
In german language: 11 a.m.

4. Creative workshop

Whether you want to work with scissors, fold paper, write or stick something together. Everyone is invited to create something by his hands. Whether you realise an own idea or follow an instruction, at the end you can take your handicraft work home with you.

duration: ca. 1 – 1,5 h                           material fee: 1€

appointements: 04.07.2017, 21.07.2017, at the time 10 a.m.