Sorbian history in 160 pictures

(translated from from the original Version of Janina Krüger)

The new poster “Sorbian history in 160 pictures” will be publicly presented on september 23rd 2015 at 7.00 pm in the Serbski muzej.
It offers an overview about the facts of cultural history in Upper and Lower Lusatia wit the help of 160 pictures and some short texts to the reader. From the first written mentioning of the Sorbs in the chronicle of Fredegar about 630 p.C. up to the hundredth anniversary of the foundation of the Domowina in 2012 the poster illustrates important dates and milestones of sorbian history, referring to important historical documents as well as objects.
The authors Dr. Hans Mirtschin and Ralf Reimann, who edited the poster about the history of Bautzen before, introduced so unused, new “sources” apart of commonly known material. By doing so they allow the observer a new point of view to sorbian(wendish) history.

Even though the depiction of the sorbian history is layed out in a chronological way, the special design makes it possible to pay a parallel regard to some epochs. This effects get strenthened even more by a coloured time line that gives the link between the two lusatian histories and the german history in general.

The poster is available in the common poster-format 63 cm * 89,1cm and folded to handy A4 and both in german and in sorbian. It shall evoke interest in the history of the Sorbs and the bilingual Lusatian territory especially to young people.

Published by: Domowina – Zwjazk Łužiskich Serbow z.t., Rěcny centrum WITAJ, Serbski institut z.t., Serbski muzej Budyšin
Authors: Ralf Reimann and dr. Hans Mirtschin