Painting contest of the Sorbian museum “Think of Art!”

Painting contest of the Sorbian museum “Think of Art!” 15 July 2019 – 6 September 2019

Strong colours, clear shapes and lots of feeling – all good ingredients to make some art in style of Expressionism. The sorbian artist Jan Buck is famous for this kind of art. Just look at these pictures above! Aren’t they amazing? He often painted his landscapes and still lifes like that. Let us create similar art works and join our painting contest “Think of Art!”.

20190710 10-46     20190710 11-01

photo 1, Sorbian museum, 2019                         photo 2, Sorbian museum, 2019

On 8th of September 2019, “Day of the Open Monument”, all your pictures will be shown at the Sorbian Museum. Please don’t forget to write us your name, age and address, so that we can inform the winners of our competition.

Who? Children off age 6 and teenagers

What? Create a still life (choose photo 1 or photo 2 for it), format A4 or A3, choose colours you like, for better imagination and collecting some ideas: look at our two examples painted by Jan Buck.

Entry deadline: until 6 September 2019

Jan Buk: Stillleben mit Früchten         Jan Buk: Stilleben mit Birnen, 2000

still life, Jan Buck, 2003                                           still life, Jan Buck, 2000


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