Holiday programmes of 2019 at the Sorbian museum

Don’t you have any idea what to do in your long, long summer holiday? What’s about a trip to us, to the Sorbian museum? We have got one and a half hour time to make something creative and to wander around our exhibitions. Our holiday programm starts always at 1.00 pm. Come on and let’s explore!

 “Wobrazy krajiny – Pictures of a landscape”

What can you see or what can’t you see? Why does our home country change its appearance? What is brown coal and for what are we using it? Come and see our special exhibition. At the end you can make your own art with charcoal or create your own “Land art”. When? 9.7.; 16.7.; 23.7.; 30.7; 13.8.

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“Peter Stocking and Martha Ladder”

What do you do with your old socks, stockings and tights with lots of holes in it? Or you know this feeling: there is one single sock, but where is the other? Please, don’t throw them away, but take them with you! We want to try to make our own puppets made of socks. Did you already know that your great-grandparents were used to it to make their own toys? Come and see what they did in the old days. When? 11.7; 18.7; 25.7; 15.8.


Are there any questions? Then please, contact us as follows: 03591/270870-0 or

We are looking forward to your coming, enjoy your summer holiday.