Museum cinema „Die Rote Zora“

This March the festive hall in the Sorbian Museum will turn into a cinema auditorium for the last time in connection with the KRABAT-expositition. Saturday, March the 10nth at 4.00 p.m. we show you the film „Die Rote Zora” (premiere 2008) from the director Peter Kahane after the book from Kurt Held. The setting of this film is located in the croatian coatal town of Senj by the Adriatic shore. The main figures are the Red Zora and her gang, which members call themselves „Uskoks” in reference to the historical folk of Uskoks. Driven by hunger the have to steal for food and have many oppononents, some as old as them, some gronw up men with real power. Only the old fisherman Gorian meets them with sympathy and support. See how their friendship evolves and how they stand for each other.