Man. Myth. Brand.

Scarcely any sorbian-wendish legendary figure has ever caused so much attention as the sorcerer named KRABAT. The exhibition treats the life of Janko Šajatović (1624 – 1704), who originated from Žumberak near Agram (Zagreb) and served as a colonel for the Electoral Croatian Guard of the Saxonian Prince Elector.

Šajatović stayed close to the electoral family up to his death, last as a consultant in the rank of Adjutant General.

Through the stories about „KRABAT“ he found his path into collective memory. There he caused sensation as the literary hero of well-known writers as Měrćin Nowak-Njechorński, Jurij Brězan and Otfried Preußler.

In the cultural history of the Sorbian nation the character of KRABAT, who developed out of the legendary figure, plays an important role.

The objective of this project is to examine the life of the historical person, that stands concealed behind the myth of KRABAT.
In addition the projects reflects upon the myth-making of Janko Šajatović – in german Johann von Schadowitz – as upon the contribution of sorbian art and literature, that turned him into a myth since the 19nth century.

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