Various program offers in the month of August!

During the traditional month of harvest, several program offers can be chosen. The quaternal Coffee at three o’clock, which will be held on Wednesday, august the 16nth deals with the theme „The farmers garden in the past and nowadays.“

For the last week of august the spotlight is entirely on the ending special exhibition about the reformational movement among the Sorbs.
On Wednesday, August the 23rd at 7 p.m. Dr. Lubina Mahling speaks about the connections between the Moravian Church and the Sorbs. The lecture will be held in Sorbian, with simultaneous translation via headphones available at the  cash desk.  One hour erlier a guided tour through the special exhibtion will be offered.

The finissage on the following Sunday, August the 27nth is oriented as a family afternoon. At 3 p.m. a Sorbian guided tour through the special exhibition wit Jan Mahling takes place. Afterwards the poet Mirana Zuschke performs with the choir „Budyšin“. In the meantim coffee and cake will be offered.
And whilst one exhibition ends – the museum-team works industrious in the background on the next one! -> „KRABAT. The Man. The Myth. The Brand“