Presentation of the “Ostertänze” and traditions of the “sorbischen Heidebauern”

On Easter Eve (April 4th 2015) the Serbski muzej presents the dance troup for sorbian folk dance from (Serbska rejwanska skupina Ćisk) Zeißig, that kindly invites you to a perfomance showing the dances and customs of Easter from the sorbs of the heath region from 4 pm till 5 pm. The dance troup Serbska rejwanska skupina Ćisk was founded in 1997. Meanwhile it performed on several occasions abroad like in Texas or Shanghai, for example. Traditional dances will be presented as well as new composed choregraphies. Though between dance-performaces the traditional easter customs, like going-for-easter-water and reciting easter hymns, will be presented. But that is not everything! On the second floor‚ egg-artists’ can be seen showing their special skills in the different ways to decorate easter eggs and will sell hand-crafted easter eggs from 10.00 a.m. till 6 p.m.. Further the special exhibition informs about the different kinds of easter and spring customs all over Europe in comparison to Lusatia. Be very welcome!