Gathering of the Maćica Serbska

Saturday the fifth of march we have the honour, to provide the audience hall for the annual gathering of the sorbian/Wendish academic society, the Maćica Serbska (in Lower Sorbian/ lowerlusatian wendish: Maśica Serbska). Established by the example of other already existing academic societies in slavic countries the history of the Serbski muzej and its precedors is closely linked to that of the Maćica up to WW2. It roots down to the first theoretical conception, of how a wendish/sorbian museum should look like, written by the famous Dr. Arnošt Muka (Dr. Ernst Mucke), which was quite ambitious (far above a normal museum, he invisioned a cultural centre with a gathering hall; a library; a bar, meant to be the pooling place for all sorbian clubs and societies as well as some additional rooms as a dormitory for students.).
After the entire eventfull history and throughout its own differing names and maintenance (not to look at the chronoligical gap, caused by the forced closing), we are lucky to say : We do have quite a museum with a nice audience hall nowadays.
Those facts and connections go well with this years running memorial year celebrating Jan Arnošt Smoler (Ernst Schmaler, 200 years since he was born), who besides many other things (establishing the first wendish publishing, bookshop), enabled the existence of the first wendish museum in bautzen. After he bought the building, that served a the first Wendish house in history, there was also space provided for the wendish museum. As an institution the Serbski muzej is today itself a member of the Maćica Serbska.