Easter in the Serbski muzej

Almost 1700 persons, tourists and locals used the Easter holidays to visit the Serbski muzej with its exhibitions and the public decorating of eggs. The high point was saturdays programm in the afternoon at 4.00 p.m. In the audience hall full of spectators up to the last seat and beyound, Marta and Hanka Sarodnik from Zeißig played with their mother Anett. Sorbian-wendish pieces on the bagpipes,l the wendish violine and pipes as well as the skillfully performed duett “Komu su sněhowki” [To whom belong the snowdrops?] enchanted the audience.

While pausing from playing music, members of the Sarodnik-family gave explanations about their instruments, sorbian customs and the traditional clothing . The lad‘s/men‘s clothing was displayed by brother Werner Sarodnik and Paul Mautz. A lot of visitors made use of the possibility to chat with the talent-blessed young familiy right after the concert.