Advice for the decoration of eggs – appointement necessary

In context of the new exhibition “Sonnenrad und Wolfszähne. Verzierte Ostereier aus der Lausitz.” we offer (additional to the common decorating by waxing) a programm about scratching and etching eggs.

This workshops takes place:

Tuesday, March the 29nth from 10.00 am – 12.oo am.

Even though it is a fix date, we would kindly ask you, to announce your participation.

Here is some practical advice: In case you participate at a session about the waxing techniques, please bring some emptied white eggs for your own use. Otherwise, if you want to excercise the etching or scratching techniques, we need you, to have some coloured eggs ready by yourself (emptied or boiled). Furthermore it is recommandable to carry ones own pointed object (engravin knife) to the scratching course. That is needed to scratch the patterns on the coloured egg. Thank you!