04 Sept 2022 Saying goodbye to our exhibition “Party in the 21st century”

It is your last chance to visit our special exhibition, where traditional Slovakian headdresses have been presented by combining photography, body painting, art and tradition. “Parta” is the name for it. Slovakian women used to wear it in the old days. Come and join our last party to celebrate the closing event of our special exhibition.

Therefore we have planned on this day:

Workshop “From ‘Parta’ to ‘Borta’” – 10.00 am – 4.00 pm

For young people as well as adults, who love to dress up in a festive Sorbian way. Try out various traditional Sorbian headdresses of different regions. Choose the right colours for your personal face painting with photo shooting at the end. Book now to secure your place: ticket@sorbisches-museum.de, costs: 10 €

Guided tour in German language: 3.00 pm

Guided tour in Sorbian language: 4.00 pm

Final artist and curator talk: 5.00 pm

There is a lot going on in Bautzen at this weekend, you can explore the city and join the “Festival of the old town”, but don’t forget to visit us as well! 😉