“Sorbian folkart in the 21st. century?!”

Eastereggs versus “Ei”-phone

“Sorbian folkart in the 21st. century?!” Does our traditional sorbian/wendish culture stand a chance against distractions like Pokémon Go and similar products, and if so, how is it supposed to act to keep on being?

The Sorbian Museum invites folkartists and everyone interested to a public discussion in cooperation with the Support association for sorbian folk-culture (Förderkreis für sorbische Volkskultur) on Wednesday, August the 31st 2017 at 7.00 p.m.

The discussion will be hosted by Andrea Paulik and Theresa Walde, and translated into german simultaneously via ear-phone. At 6.00 pm a guided tour through the temporary exhibition “Pruhi, kruhi, třiróžki” takes place.

New ideas are in demand! Bring your own sorbian/wendish selfmade-product with you!