In memory of Jan Buck

“The credo of my work is the Lusatia with all their nuances and shades. Each motif, that I paint, I am feeling Sorbian.” (Jan Buck)

We are mourning for the painter Jan Buck. He was such a famous Sorbian visual artist.

2.8.1922 – 1.4.2019


Jan Buck made the way for a new era in the Sorbian visual arts. He managed with his art works to build the bridge to the European modern spirit. He showed to the next generation of young Sorbian artists, that there are more possibilities than just traditional art. Questions about light, perspectives, colours, structures and shapes have always been very important to Jan Buck.

The Sorbian Museum has got the largest collection with about 70 works. There are oil paintings, water coloured paintings, temperas and hand drawings.

Jan Buk 2007 (Foto-J. Matschie)

Jan Buck, photography by Jürgen Matschie, 2007

Buck, Jan & Buk, Jan: Blaues Stilleben, 2000

“Módre sudobja ”, (blue ceramics) still life, tempera, Jan Buck, 2000