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The kingdom of legends

We will go and see our special exhibition. Come and join us! We will find out more about the “Błudnički” and the little “Lutk” – Legends from the Lusatia. Who were these myterious creatures? We also want to go through a maze. Maybe the treasure of the “Lutki” is hidden there? (Age: 5 years old)


9 October 2018, 10am

12 October 2018, 1pm


Upcycling – Don’t throw it away, make something of it!

Cans, tin boxes, loo rolls, textiles, buttons, photos, picture frames or old books – it doesn’t matter! You can reuse everything if you want to. So it is easy, let us make some art or everyday objects.

costs for the material: 1€


Please, let us know if you want to join us!

Duration: 1 – 2 hrs, ticket prices: 2,50€, contact:;
03591/ 270 870 0